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It all started
from automation.

In the 80s Oulu saw the birth of many electronics companies with a group of subcontractors. Among those companies was JOT Automation. Which was to be one the world’s leading automation companies.

The idea behind JOT was to help the electronics production by automating the heavy and monotonous manual assembly processes so, that all materials were in the right place just on time. Before long, JOT robots started to take over the world, one assembly line at a time.

Yet, there was something more than just cost-effective production in the core of JOT. Automation was the industry of the future, which gave one kind of solution to the challenges of sustainable development within the product manufacturing business.

The idea of sustainability struck and stuck for good.

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Technology for
sustainable life.

Being able to make an effort for the environment and the future generations gave a bigger meaning for JOT and for the life’s work of its founder, Veikko Lesonen. When JOT was sold, Head Invest was born and it continued the work in progress.

In the first years, at the turn of the millennium, Head Invest gathered shares from Finnish and Oulu-based startup companies. The common denominator among the companies was, and still is, technology, that somehow contributed to sustainable development.

Recently, Head invest has sharpened its focus to its current companies. They also include JOT Automation, which returned home after Head Invest acquired it in 2011.

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Head Invest’s
entrepreneurship philosophy.

Every action causes an effect. Entrepreneurship, especially manufacturing and transportation, uses resources and burdens the environment. And entrepreneur has to take all of the causes of one’s business into account.

At Head Invest, we firmly believe that by respecting the principles of sustainable development and caring about the environment pays back as profitable business.

We work hard every day in order to preserve our precious environment for future generations. The technologies we develop at our companies are a part of the sustainable future and a better world that we believe in.