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Sparked by automation.

Fueled by technology.

Our journey began with robotics and smarter production flow years before Head Invest was even born. As automation has grown into the industry of the future, our focus has evolved from investing to integrating businesses and creating technology for sustainable life.

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one, two, million.

Wireless products have to get thoroughly tested before shipping out. With JOT Automation’s solutions, two of the world’s three leading smartphone manufacturers rack up over a million device tests in a day. Just to make sure technology makes people’s lives as fun as they were meant to be.

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Smart products,

smarter production

JOT’s assembly robots are in a race to beat the challenges that the smaller, more complex and powerful products, such as the Tandem Diabetes blood glucose meter, are constantly pushing further. It’s a race we have been winning for over 25 years by developing smarter robotics solutions.

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emission control

Heavy duty vehicles and machines are under pressure to lower their emissions within tight regulations. Proventia provides retrofit and OEM solutions to some of world’s leading heavy machine and industrial vehicle manufacturers.

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Clean air from

London to Hong Kong.

Tight population correlates with heavy pollution, when people and goods need transportation. Our emission control solutions are at the forefront of reducing air pollution from commercial traffic in the world’s largest metropolises. We want to make sure there’s clean air for everyone, everywhere.

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Working together

1+1 > 2

Sometimes opportunities are closer than you think. When Proventia had an idea about a new kind of production line for unique thermal components, the crucial solution was actually based on JOT’s expertise. That’s a prime example of the synergy our companies create.

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Making mobile

healthcare child’s play.

We want to make healthcare more mobile and bring technology to the patient, instead of taking the patient to the technology. Mediracer’s point-of-care solution for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome makes medical work easier and more patient focused.